Social Responsibility

More than just a technology solution provider

NybSys believes in growing together. So, we always look for ways to give back to the Community surround us. We regularly and frequently donate blankets, food, cloths, and education materials to people who need them. We love to share these story as the success stories encourage others to join the social responsibility movement.

In eSwatini, the Winter Warmers Campaign received a major boost extra blankets from DataNet. This follows successful distributions of the blankets in various parts of the eSwatini. On June 2012, we distributed 300 blankets in cold areas along with FNB, Inyatsi, SmartBooks and Times of Swaziland.

The entirety of our donation goes to needy people. We select the destination of our donations based on careful research. We track how our funds are effecting change. We are always looking for more ways to help the social and environmental movements.

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