Big Data Platform

Our Big Data Platform makes developing, deploying, operating and managing Big Data easier. We work with VMware, Cisco, and NetApp to offer big data platform that is ready to deploy Hadoop clusters. We use high performance computing to analyze large Hadoop datasets.

Data Acquisition: We use sensors, gateways, taps and other tools to collect data streams or moving data. Data from multiple sources are put in single Hadoop cluster.

Data Ingestion, ETL and Warehousing: We provide effective Data Warehousing and Management.

Hadoop / HDFS: We offer large storage capacity for any kind of data – text, voice, video, or files. This large capacity with enormous processing power helps us to handle handle limitless concurrent tasks or jobs.

Stream Analytics: Data can static or in transit stream like sensor signals or social media graph. We provide real time stream analytics and instant decision making system for the mission critical system.

Data Security: Data needs to be secured while stored in a database or while in transit. We offer comprehensive data security, governance and compliance solution to protect the data. We use strong encryption and other methods to secure

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