Big Data Platform

Big data platform provides the features and functionalities of big data application in one single solution for developing, deploying, operating and managing big data. With our partnership with VMware, Cisco, NetApp, we offer complete big data platform that is ready to deploy Hadoop clusters.

We have expertise to combine high performance computing with the large low speed disk based Hadoop data to provide big data analytics systems.

  • Data acquisition: we have a number of sensors, gateways, taps and data management tools to collect both data streams or moving data from different database to one single location in Hadoop cluster.
  • Data Ingestion, ETL and Warehouse: We provide complete and effective Data Warehousing and Management.
  • Hadoop /HDFS: We offer massive storage for any kind of data – text , voice, video or files with enormous processing power and the ability to handle virtually limitless concurrent tasks or jobs.
  • Stream Analytics: While data is in transit which can be sensors signal or social media graph search or any passive tap system, we provide real time stream analytics and instant decision making system for the mission critical system.
  • Data Security: We offer comprehensive data security, governance and compliance solution to protect the data

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