National ID System

NybSys has great experience when it comes to building large databases, integrating them with existing systems, and adding new features. NybSys has built several national level systems to which manages information so that Governments can serve their citizens better. National ID System is one of them which is used to keep records of their citizens […]

Elderly Social Grant Management System

We are all grateful to senior citizens for their contributions. Accommodation, medical facilities, and assisted living are all forms of gratitude we show towards our elders. NybSys has a solution to help elder citizens that are seeking help. NybSys has the complete solution that encompasses two aspects. Firstly we help Government’s provide assisted living for the […]

Birth, Death & Marriage Registration System

Similar to the National ID System, NybSys has developed a Birth, Death, and Marriage Registration System which collects, stores, and manages relevant records of citizens to serve them better. The System performs the following functions – Collects information from citizens or from other systems as required by the client, Integrates the system with other systems […]

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