Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System

Health is wealth.

We make hospitals a better place for patients and help medical professionals render an overall better service. Our Hospital Management System establishes an orderly and systematic method of managing hospital and clinics.

  • The system manages all activities required to run a hospital. Patient registration, patient information management, payment collection, logistical support, inventory management, medical supply management – you name it and we have it.
  • We also have medical practitioner scheduling system which is perfect for small individual practitioners to large hospitals.
  • All medical records are managed more effectively and efficiently for both out-patients and in-patients.
  • We specially use industry standard security to make sure all medical records are kept confidential.

NybSys understands that different medical service providers have different needs. So it has different types of solutions for different types of hospitals and clinics such as the, “Eye Clinic Management System,” or the, “HIV Care Management System”.

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