Internet of Things – IoT

There are too much buzz words in IoT. Too much noise out there in the industry. We have started working on IoT as telemetry system back in 2006. We understand the real IoT and provide you a real solution out of the all the noises in the industry.

We have a number of Sensors and gateway to connect them. Our inexpensive iG100 product can offer you to connect 4 analogue and 12 digital sensors with 4 PWM output and 4 relay output. It provides you in board CAN bus and MODBUS protocol support with Ethernet and Wi-Fi capability. The system is loaded with onchip MQTT server which you can stream data to the cloud such as AWS or you can host your own IoT event processing and decision support system.

iG200 series products offers on board FPGA and multicore CPU for larger number of sensors data aggregation and send stream to your internet hosted server in gigabit speed.

iG1000 is the high performance computing at the edge with 4 processing module options either all four can be GPU or Xilinx Ultrascale + MPSOCs. You have power of providing real time video analytics or running machine learning at the edge. You can run most of the framework at the edge. We support NVidia TX2 GPU system for your advanced tensor flow and other frameworks.

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