Machine Learning

Anomaly detection, fraud protection, predictive maintenance, sentiment analysis, threat detections and many other areas of enterprise information analytics require machine to learn and make decision in a complex information processing system.

NybSys have been offering both enterprise wide variety of machine learning system for the customers for measuring and managing their business outcome.

We started with artificial intelligence a decade back using neural network algorithm mainly providing natural language processing (NLP). Eventually those NLP system were plugged with machine learning system using Tensor flow and other framework. We have framework and customers for image processing and video analytics services for large video feed analysis for the past 8 years.

Recently innovation in high performance computing opened a new era of deep learning or unsupervised machine learning using combination of high processing GPU and FPGA. We have GPU based database and up to 960 Teraflops of processing in a single box that can provide deep insight of your organization data streams or historical records.

We provide edge to cloud all stages of machine learning services which meets specific needs of your organization.

Just drop a line to us for machine learning demo. We will provide you some understanding of machine learning and deep learning where computer takes control of human decision making process.

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