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Video Surveillance (Recording and Analytics)

NybSys video surveillance solutions offers intelligent recording of events, analytics such as Facial Recognition, Object Tracking, License Plate Recognition, Dwell and Loitering, People Counting, Queue Line Analysis. Our analytics applications are compatible with major IP, analog and megapixel cameras. These systems can be integrated with data and search without any additional separate hardware.

  • Optimize customer service and operations with valuable business intelligence from your existing videos.
  • Intelligent video analytics can increase ROI using insights from your existing infrastructure to drive marketing and merchandising decisions.
  • These systems automatically recognize threats, based on triggers using facial surveillance, advanced object tracking and license plate recognition.
  • Our systems automatically submit suspicious activity reports within mandated time periods.

Biometric Secured Access Control System

NybSys Access Control System gives users a convenient platform to manage their properties and facilities. It monitors doors and also keeps records of each entry. Our access control system can be easily integrated with time attendance management software.

NybSys also provides world-class metal detection and baggage scanning devices for indoor and outdoor use, for high sensitivity as well as high discrimination demands. These devices can be integrated with remote security management system which enables remote monitoring. In addition, we provide lightweight hand-held metal detectors which are very user-friendly.

  • Our access control solutions help you restrict unauthorized access and hence secure your premises.
  • NybSys access control solutions allow you to create an accessible audit trail that aids in determining the locations of individuals during any incidents that may occur.
  • The most prominent benefit of a metal detection system is that it can detect weapons. As a result metal detection system ensures your peace of mind.

IT Network Security

NybSys provides high performance Network Security Solutions suitable for any size of network infrastructure. We deliver a robust network security platform for the core and edges of a network infrastructure. Our fastest firewall appliance with the highest speed ports enables you maintain trusted connections at the core of the network.

  • Intrusion Prevention: Prevent intrusion attempts like hacking from outside,
  • Safeguard IT Resources: Prevent unauthorized access to IT resources including inappropriate websites and sensitive user data. Content security, data control, and solutions for incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, including web surfing and messaging.
  • Access Management: Our solution provide different levels of access. If there are various computers attached to a network, there may be some computers that may have greater access to information than others.
  • Threat prevention: solution that protects against content-based attacks across a wide range of file types.
  • Malware Protection: Our system helps to analyze network file shares to detect and quarantine malware brought into the network through the Web, email, or manual means, such as online file sharing and portable file storage.

Data Security and Encryption

NybSys offers a complete portfolio of data security and encryption solutions that extend protection and ownership across the life cycle of sensitive data. From the data center to the cloud, organizations can remain protected, compliant and in control, no matter where their business takes them.

  • Our systems helps save and protect any important data, whether it is stored on a laptop or desktop computer, removable storage media, a PDA, an email server or corporate network. Moreover, it will make it possible to securely access your files from any place – at the office, at home or on the road. If a storage device is stolen or lost, the data will be impossible to read as it is encoded with a data encryption mechanism.
  • These solutions provide you full control over your data.
  • It helps to manage encrypted devices remotely and cut travel costs
  • Our security encryption solutions allow normal business flow while crucial data is being silently secured in the background.

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